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25th International Exhibition
Convention center, Tel-Aviv, Israel
Meeting point

The geographical location of CleanTech 2018 in the middle of three continents- Europe, Asia and Africa- Makes it an international magnet for companies to expose their products and services to international customers and traders, and for buyers to create new commercial contacts.

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Exhibition News



 Fighting Treetop Fire.
: At the Innovation Pavillion

Forest fires become dangerous and get out of control when moving from ground to treetop fire. Fighting Treetop Fire (FTF), is a patent pending tool that will enable to cut down quickly the leaves, needles and thin branches by using Laser technology. Thus the advancing treetop fire, after the FTF tree stripping, will transfer from treetop to ground fire.
Once the flaming fuels are only on the ground, a reduced fire behavior and slower advance rate is imposed on the fire. Thus it is possible to complete the fire suppression process quickly by standard means like water or chemicals.
The 2010 large fire near Moscow caused an estimated 15B$ damage. The FTF is aimed to drastically reduce insurance costs and direct fire fighting expenses.

The FTF is aimed to drastically reduce insurance costs and direct fire fighting expenses. Today more forests interface with built areas and are being used as wood supplies or recreation zones. Therefore fire danger can become even more costly

For additional information: info@FightingTreetopFire.com

New Biodegradable Multipurpose super-absorbent polymer- at the Innovation Pavillion

Exotech produces a new biodegradable, multipurpose super-absorbent polymer, applicable for the following uses:
-As a biodegradable raw material for disposable diapers 
-Slow release of water or fertilizers, helps preserve irrigation water and does not harm soil.
-Biocompatible, offering new ways of treating skin burns, ulcers, wounds.

The members of the public board of directors of the 16th international and exhibition, CleanTech 2016, have chosen Shimon Tal as the chairman of CleanTech 2016. Tal, the president of the Israeli Water association and former Water Commissioner, announced that he would be happy to assume this central role in the event.

Tal said this week that “the water crisis in Israel is one of the worse in the world, but while in most other regions water shortages emanate from poor water supply management, our region suffers from an actual, physical water shortage. In order to maintain our current standard of living – even if we could reuse all of our wastewater in agriculture – we would have to double the potential of our natural water sources by producing more potable water. Without additional water sources we cannot sustain an advanced society, therefore it is our duty to make use of other natural resources like energy and soil. Combined solutions that involve preservation, efficiency, recycling, etc., are the right solution for the growing demand for natural resources.

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'Bizzabo', mobile app for networking during the exhibition: 

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  • Socialize: Communicate with other attendees and add them to your social networks
  • Stay up to date: Browse the agenda, read the event tweets and more

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This is the Time for Greece

In her effort to escape a worsening economic upheaval, Greece embraces whoever wills to invest in its markets. This is excellent news to Israeli businesses.

The news that reached us from Greece via various international news agencies was joyously received by many Israeli businessmen returning from the EcoTec exhibition that was recently held at Athens, Greece. Only those who attended this colossal exhibition may comprehend the sheer size of the Greek ambition to pull investors into their country, the economy of which is so badly wounded.

The Greek Prime Minister, Lucas Papademos, as reported in an official announcement, declared that he intends to transform Greece into the number one exporter of solar electricity in the European Union. He emphasized that Greece’s investment in renewable energies will be a central element in his country’s economic recovery.

Photo: Mr. Alush Haim, Co-Ceo Mashov Group Ltd.

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OECD: The global water crisis is worsening

The OECD’s “Environmental Outlook to 2050” report predicts that if the world’s countries will fail to adapt an ambitious eco-friendly policy, we shall face a prolonged deterioration and erosion of our natural resources, along with the peril of irreversible changes that could put to risk 200 years of increase in the quality of life we have enjoyed so far.

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Approaching Grid Parity - Solar power from the Negev is catching up with the IEC's tariffs

News about Israel's ability to produce alternative energy sources, while reducing her dependence on fossil fuels: the international tender for the establishment of the photo-voltaic power plant at the Ashalim site in the Negev has been finalized three years after it began.

Photo: Salvatore Vuono

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New in Israel: introducing the use of hybrid buses

In the framework of the first part of the program of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor, allocating grants for projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The grants – which will leverage total investments of about 200 million shekels - were approved in the first allocation of the grants program of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor for projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Within this program and for the first time in Israel, the use of hybrid buses will be introduced.

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Photo: ponsulak


A financial protocol has been signed for the export of Israeli water technology for agricultural use in China

The financial protocol is an agreement between the governments of Israel and China to establish a special credit line to finance Israeli trade and investment in China. The protocol makes possible guarantees for long-term loans which are for export transactions from Israel under conditions that give the Israeli exporter an advantage over his competitors.

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Photo: Sura Nualpradid


Mr. Florin, Mashov's representative in the Balkans 

To provide a solution to bring foreign buyers in growing countries, for Cleantech 2016 Exhibition, Mashov Group enlisted Mr. Florin Factu, resident of Bucharest.

Photo: Mr. Florin Factu

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